Monday, April 23, 2018

 Hello hello. Welcome to Blessed Mumma on a Journey round 3. I will get into who I am after I tell you a little about what I'd like this blog to "look like". I am starting this blog with hopes to encourage and empower women to be their true authentic selves. To show women of all personalities, body shapes and sizes, different levels of education, skin colour, hair type, working women, full time homemakers etc that it is a true reality to learn to love themselves where they are and who they are on the path to where they are going and who they are becoming. Understanding that it takes time and patience to do so but is more than possible given we give ourselves the grace and kindness we so freely offer other women.  One of my greatest hearts desire is to show women that it is completely acceptable to be exactly who they desire to be as a woman. NOT what their grandparents, parents, religion or even society thinks they should be. When we look to outside sources to declare who we are supposed to be it takes away our power and leaves us feeling empty and worthless. We as women need to understand that who we choose to be is MORE than enough.  Please know I am not saying this because I have always had it all together or that I have always been the type of woman I am describing to you. I type this with excitement because I was NOT anywhere near the woman I truly wanted to be for years. Even though I was strong and rebellious in many ways I still allowed people, religion and society to dictate  who I should be.  It came to a point in my life that I seriously felt like I was dying, I HAD to make some major changes, I was at my personal rock bottom. A rock bottom that I had never before reached ever in my life of extreme ups and downs. This was do or die for me. SO,  about a year ago I said FUCK IT and have thrived ever since. No I have not "arrived" or become perfect yet,  nor do I try. I don't believe there is an "arrival" or a positive way to strive for perfection.  I am enjoying the journey thoroughly, one day at a time but not without goals and wanting specific things for my future. For now I leave you with this as a small look at what I'd love this blog to look like and will move onto a small intro about me. 

 Who am I? I am a strong, confident, persistent, resilient, loving, kind, thoughtful, traditional woman who owns who I was, owns who I am and will own who I will become. I choose to accept responsibility for every shitty thing I've ever done, the more I learn about myself and the Universe I hold within the more I can say "yes, I fucked up, I wasn't a good person, I am no longer that woman, I will do better".  I love spirituality, reading (especially personal growth books), bettering myself, writing, nature, walking, mudding, archery, sunny days, long car rides, music, mismatched matching socks, jeans with black shirts, messy buns, healthy living, coffee and coffee dates, tea and conversation, encouraging and empowering women, unicorns, fairy's, time with family and friends and life with my favourite human. There's probably more you'll find out later lol.  I will be 44 years young May 11 this year and I literally have an inner child living inside of me. I can not grow up. Have absolutely NO desire to do so actually and yet I am completely up to my neck happily in "grown up" things I have to do on a daily basis LOL. I am a full time homemaker and mum to 4 live in kiddos and 2 adult kiddos who live on their own (5 biological kids and 1 bonus kid...all girls).  I LOVE, I mean I absolutely truly LOVE my job. Some days are tougher than others but so worth it at the end of the day. I am also a very happy, dedicated, loyal, loving woman who loves to serve my...favourite human, best friend, boyfriend, partner, significant other, lover, live in, father to my bonus kid, man............? Obviously as you can see, we don't have a "title"  (yes, we are both aware of this),  maybe one day? LOL  I may have left out of the intro that I will do my utmost best at being completely open on here about all that I can be as you just witnessed lol. 

Well, I think for today I will leave you with this. Hopefully it has given you something to look forward to. I will not commit to a certain number or blog posts per week or month etc. I will do them as I am led to do so. 

Thank you,  Be Blessed~Live Free xo