Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hey there, I'm back after a little break and for what many call the "beginning" :) January that is :) 

So many people spend time making "new years resolutions" only to give up in 6 weeks or less. Why do we set ourselves up to fail? Why not set goals that better our lives, ones we know we NEED to stick with to succeed or get what we need/want etc? Take diet for instance, so many people go on a diet (the word itself actually means "what you eat", so if you eat junk food you consume a junk food diet, if you consume healthy food you consume a healthy diet) January 1 and by February 14 they are so over it, having failed numerous times in those short 6 weeks already. Why not change your thinking? Do not look to a "diet" to lose weight but look to changing your life through what you eat, WHY you eat etc. The BIGGEST mistake people make is thinking willpower will conquer bad eating habits. Willpower lasts for some time, for others longer (for some even years...shocking I know) and the weight does come off. Stays off for a period of time and then BAM they are gaining again... WHY? Because they never dealt with the why behind the eating, they slip back into old habits of unhealthy food or too many snacks etc. There are numerous things but the why behind them all is that they never dealt with the WHY! This can also be true for those who are trying to gain weight after having the opposite eating disorder to over eating they were under eating for example.
     We need to understand our WHYS and also truly believe that our body is a temple. We need to truly believe that what we put into our body is either causing LIFE or causing DEATH. Encouraging disease or discouraging it. We need to truly want health over quick satisfaction that results in obesity, disease, death and most importantly biblical DISOBEDIENCE. What controls us? Who is in control of us? 
     Obedience is better than sacrifice. I am struggling right now with drinking more coffee (I drink it black) than I should and I am not eating for true health. Am I eating junk food or over eating? NO, but I am not fuelling my body with enough nutrients, I am not exercising, I am not sleeping enough and I am feeling it let me tell ya. So my goal for this year is to get more sleep, start exercising again, better my intake of nutrient dense foods, start really cooking again and drink less coffee. Less coffee? YIKES, did I just say that? LOL 
     We can fall away from caring for ourselves and concentrating TOO much on others. This is a huge downfall for me and yet I struggle to do differently. 
     Being honest and open helps us and helps others. Encourage one another, do not give up. Believe you are worth it. KNOW your family, your children are counting on you to live a long and healthy life, not one that you are old before your time or disease ridden so life isn't being lived to it's fullest. Put God first in ALL things and over eating, under eating, eating unhealthy foods, drinking too much coffee etc will NOT be first and foremost in our lives. We can't hide, there's no where to go. People see through us, we can lie to ourselves BUT most importantly we can NOT lie to God and even when we try He KNOWS the truth better than we do. 
     Stop lying to yourself, get sleep, drink water, eat healthy food and know that you are treating the temple that homes The Living God the best you can. Everyday is a new day. JOY comes in the morning, thank God...literally :) 

Be blessed :) 

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